Wiggle When You Walk

Ever notice the smiles on belly dancers, Salsa partners and the girls in grass skirts? Dancers of all types, professional or not, enjoy a greater range of hip movement. Skiers, surfers and soccer players cannot be without it – hip mobility.

The girl from Ipanima was a sight to see as she went strolling down the beach. Nothing catches the eye more than a woman or a man with a wiggle in their walk and a giggle in their talk. Elvis had it, too – hip mobility. It puts a smile on your face to see it and to have it – and always makes us feel younger, sexier and more playful.

Give your hips a movement workout everyday. Get out the hula-hoop and swing it around your hips fifty times, going in both directions. Use it several times a day when you take a break from your work or during television commercials. It is a great way to loosen up your torso and hips. Dancing gets your hips moving freely and without tension. Take a Salsa class, do the hula, learn the seductive tango or do the Country Western Two-Step.

Good hip mobility helps your lower lumbar spine stay toned, flexible and have a better range of movement. Internal muscles inside your pelvic bowl will be moving, massaging organs and soft tissue while keeping blood and other fluids circulating. The ball joints on either side of your hips will loosen up and stay lubricated.

Hip flexibility is good way to improve sexual performance. Proper pelvic position allows a man and woman’s body to fit together as nature intended, lessening discomfort and increasing pleasure. When the lower intestines, genitals and reproductive organs are without compression, there is better circulation blood flow. Viagra sales could go down!

Diane Whitacre, Structural Anatomist, RT ©2018

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