What Happened To Posture?

Because not everyone in the world suffers from poor posture, it begs the questions –
“Why are bodies so out of alignment in a country with such wealth, resources and progress in technology and communication?” – “How did we get so out of shape?”

Poor body alignment is so prevalent it is rarely noticed. Faulty body mechanics has become accepted as normal. When was the last time your doctor addressed your body alignment as part of a health problem? Has a school ever sent a note home expressing your child’s poor posture in class? Other than hearing “Sit up straight!” most of us are unaware of the importance of good body mechanics and the health consequences of living with a body out of alignment. Back, neck and joint pain, respiration and digestion are common problems.

Doctors are essential for trauma, pain and illness, but how wonderful it would be if they also considered that pain, disease or dysfunction may be due to postural collapse, misalignment of joints or abdominal compression and offer more options than surgery or drugs that, many times, only address the symptoms of a problem.

So, what happened to posture? One, modern furniture is not designed for the increased stature of our bodies. Two, the importance of faulty body mechanics has been removed from medical education, depriving doctors of valuable knowledge of how poor body alignment can cause pain and organ dysfunction.

Consumerism has changed medicine, sports and where and on what we posture our body. Posture has become the “buzz” word used by many fitness trainers and golf pros, while our furniture, shoes and mattresses have become medicalized with unproven claims of improving our posture. If all of these things worked, we would all have a body in better alignment.

Diane Whitacre, Structural Anatomist, RT ©2017

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