Strong Bones Or Osteoporosis?

Bone loss is rare when bones are constantly used to support the weight of a body in erect alignment. Bones are weight bearing and bone density increases. Like muscles, bones strengthen when used and stimulate bone growth. Misaligned bones adapt to body imbalance, altering their growth patterns or do not grow when not weight bearing. The loss of bone (osteoporosis) can occur.

Poor body alignment changes the shape of the spine from the base of the skull to the tailbone, exaggerating curves in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine. Vertebrae are stacked in an unnatural alignment, causing pressure on vertebrae and the intervertebral discs between them. Discs can be pinched or rupture. A misaligned spine cannot properly bear body weight normally during daily activities. Walking, standing, bending and lifting can become painfully uncomfortable and affect bone growth.

Proper exercise can build bones, but we do not exercise all the time. What we can do all of the time is to stay in good alignment. Bones will be weight when we stand, lift or sit. Erect body alignment is the best way to build strong, healthy bones, lessen joint pain and prevent osteoporosis.

Walking erect is the best form of strength training. Your erect body will properly support the weight of your body with every step you take. Your head weighs twelve pounds and you have two ten-pound arms. Add torso weight and this gives your lower body a set of weights you take with you everywhere. You will worry less about osteoporosis when your bones are always properly weight bearing.

Diane Whitacre, Structural Anatomist, RT ©2017

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