Preparing For Pregnancy

Preparing for pregnancy is like having a master plan for a construction project. You want the best materials and the best building site. The materials are a woman’s egg, the health of her reproductive system, the viability of a man’s sperm and the healthy nutrients for a growing fetus. The building site is the womb.

For a woman, good body mechanics before and during pregnancy provides the resources drawn upon for healthy fetal development. It offers the most fertile conditions for a seed to grow and develop into a strong, healthy infant of sound construction and will help the delivery process.

Walking, stretching and Yoga will encourage better body alignment, balance and flexibility, while helping to strengthen back muscles. Squatting everyday will keep ligaments in the lower pelvic bowl flexible and supple. Dancing and sexy runway struts promote greater pelvic mobility. Practicing meditation will promote fuller, deeper, relaxed breathing to enhance your mental clarity and lower stress levels.

Stay away from toxic substances or environments. It can harm the immune system, dry out connective tissue and decrease the health of bones and muscles. Stay hydrated. Practice good nutrition. Get enough calcium in food and have reasonable sun exposure, without sunscreen. Take an iron supplement. Stop smoking and give up coffee, sodas and alcoholic drinks before you become pregnant. Avoid harmful petrochemicals in household and skin care products. Remember, what goes into and onto your body will also go to your baby.

Habits of good body alignment can carry you through the nine months of fetal growth and the wonderful experience of birthing. You will return to your normal shape in less time and retain the least amount of weight gained during your pregnancy. With good body alignment, flexibility and range of movement, you will be minimizing discomfort during pregnancy, recuperate faster and have more energy to welcome your new arrival.

Diane Whitacre, Structural Anatomist, RT ©2017

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