Posture & Your Good Health

Good posture can turn heads and command gazes of admiration. Graceful movement, flexibility and vitality usually accompany it – along with better health.


When you see someone in erect body alignment, it can be stunning to see, because it is so rare. Their shoulders sit atop their rib cage, their spine is straighter and feet are parallel. Notice how they can move with ease in a balanced way.


Better health comes when your body is in erect alignment. Could your heart pump easier if it had enough room? Would joints glide smoothly and comfortably if they were in the right articulation? Would you be without back pain if your spine was aligned and not compressing nerves or intervertebral discs? Would there be less osteoporosis or fewer hip and knee replacements if bones and joints were in their intended position and properly weight bearing? Would breast implants be necessary if you simply stood up straight? Would you look younger and perform better?


Would you age at a slower rate, avoid joint pain, have better digestion, breathe fuller and deeper, reduce stress, lose weight, be less sedentary and more active a year from now? Would you be happy if it cost very little and every year your health, performance and appearance improved? I think you would.


If the structural causes of excess weight, poor circulation, breathing and digestive problems and our lack of muscle tone and joint pain are not addressed – we stay in the same condition, no matter how much we are treated symptomatically with surgery, injections, new body parts or drugs. We need to treat the cause of a problem. Start with the structural alignment of your body, as many health problems have mechanical and positional causes.


Diane Whitacre, Structural Anatomist, RT ©2018

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