The Key To dressing Well

Good posture is the key to dressing well no matter your budget. The most expensive clothes cannot make up for a slumped, slouching figure. It is the best way to look great, while saving money on your wardrobe.

Structured clothing with set-in sleeves and waistlines seems to be a thing of the past, reflecting the general lack of an erect body structure. As our posture has slouched with more sedentary living, so have clothing styles. Soft, knitted, loose-fitting clothes can camouflage or hide postural collapse and those stubborn postural pounds that will not go away no matter how much we diet or exercise.

The slumped, slouching figure no wardrobe can fix is usually accompanied by love handles, chicken necks and potbellies, the classic signs of postural collapse and abdominal compression.

What we choose to wear changes our body mechanics and how we move and communicate. We cross our legs differently in a gown or a tuxedo than when wearing a tee shirt and sweat pants. We move with confidence in business attire and become more provocative and animated when sexy, colorful and stylish clothes look good on our erect body.

Keeping you body in erect, structural alignment can eliminate a forward leaning head, a protruding belly and the spare tire around your waist. As your shoulders move up and farther away from your hips, the bulging skin and soft tissue in between moves back inside your torso. Improving your body alignment will help to minimize or correct these things that can ruin your appearance.

The key to dressing well is a well-postured body – no matter what clothes you choose
to wear.

Diane Whitacre, Structural Anatomist, RT ©2017

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