Wiggle When You Walk

Ever notice the smiles on belly dancers, Salsa partners and the girls in grass skirts? Dancers of all types, professional or not, enjoy a greater range of hip movement. Skiers, surfers and soccer players cannot be without it – hip mobility. The girl from Ipanima was a sight to see as she went strolling down more

The Body Plastic

Connective tissue in our body holds us together – covering every muscle, organ and bone and underlies every inch of skin covering our body. It is the one substance connecting all parts of our body to each other, inside and out. It supports, protects and binds us into a continuous, unbroken whole. A change of more

Body Alignment & Performance

Running a marathon, being an Olympic athlete or executing the winning home run will likely not happen with a body in misalignment. The wrong muscles will be used or the right muscles will be used in the wrong way. Executing the perfect golf swing is doubtful when the spine is bent, the shoulder girdle has more

Posture & Your Good Health

Good posture can turn heads and command gazes of admiration. Graceful movement, flexibility and vitality usually accompany it – along with better health.   When you see someone in erect body alignment, it can be stunning to see, because it is so rare. Their shoulders sit atop their rib cage, their spine is straighter and more

Love Handles, Chicken Necks & Potbellies

The classic indicators of body misalignment are love handles, chicken necks and potbellies – along with forward-sloping shoulders. Love handles are the extra mass of skin, tissue and fat encircling the body between the waistline and the hips, often referred to as a “spare tire”. Love handles relocate belt buckles to a lower position than more

Language Of The Body

The body has a physical vocabulary, which makes communicating our thoughts and feelings easier with our body than with words. Mimes are masters of body language. Silent movies relied on it to tell the story. Body movements and facial expressions played out the drama. Likewise, it can be revealing to turn off the sound and more

Pregnancy & Postural Collapse

Pregnancy brings four pronounced anatomical changes to a woman's body – postural collapse, abdominal compression, pelvic tilt and adding postural pounds. Nine months of increasing breast size and fetal development gradually moves disproportional weight to the front and behind the body’s midline, shifting the center of gravity and changing body alignment from head to toe. more

Better Balance & Less Injury

Faulty body mechanics always creates imbalance in the body, increasing our risk of falling, accidents and injury. Postural collapse shifts a greater amount of weight to the front of the body’s midline, while other parts move behind the body’s midline. This puts the body, precariously and dangerously, out of balance. We stand and move differently more

The Fetal-Infant Journey

The warmth and safety of a mother’s womb is the first awareness of life for a fetus, snugly held, floating in a sea of amniotic fluid. A mother’s heartbeat and the nourishment from her body feed its growth. This tiny being must make its way through the birth canal from the protective womb to the more

What Happened To Posture?

Because not everyone in the world suffers from poor posture, it begs the questions – “Why are bodies so out of alignment in a country with such wealth, resources and progress in technology and communication?” – “How did we get so out of shape?” Poor body alignment is so prevalent it is rarely noticed. Faulty more