Body Alignment & Performance

Running a marathon, being an Olympic athlete or executing the winning home run will likely not happen with a body in misalignment. The wrong muscles will be used or the right muscles will be used in the wrong way. Executing the perfect golf swing is doubtful when the spine is bent, the shoulder girdle has fallen forward and arms are rotated inward in poor posture.


Tiger Woods had better accuracy, smoother rotation and used less energy to hit the ball because his body was in good alignment. It is one of the reasons that he played so well and had such energy and endurance. His centered body alignment used the right muscles in the right way, strengthening them and keeping them well toned and elastic. Many athletes will see their bad habits disappear and their skills and performance increase once they improve their posture and achieve good body mechanics.


Older bodies have different exercise requirements than younger bodies, because of past misuse or a decline in alignment. Rarely do you see a body perform as well at forty as it did at twenty, as decades of living in posture war-zones can take its toll on body alignment. Even if our body alignment is good, our body just does not have the energy that we knew in our youth. Reaction and response time takes longer and accuracy and endurance levels go down. There is a limit to how far we can push ourselves and what we can ask our body to do.


Our performance and physical ability can and does decrease with age. It can take much longer to recoup from discomfort, pain and injury than when you were younger, with newer equipment and in better body alignment.


To avoid injury, be more aware of the type of activities you participate in and to what extent. You may have to be the referee and not the quarterback or the coach and not the player.


Diane Whitacre, Structural Anatomist, RT ©2018

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