Better Balance & Less Injury

Faulty body mechanics always creates imbalance in the body, increasing our risk of falling, accidents and injury. Postural collapse shifts a greater amount of weight to the front of the body’s midline, while other parts move behind the body’s midline. This puts the body, precariously and dangerously, out of balance. We stand and move differently and it becomes harder to maneuver and prevent a fall or to get out of the way of something in our path.

Muscles, out of a position, cannot perform properly or engage in the way they were intended. When we reach for a stair rail or grab a counter, we feel the limitations of a body out of balance and cannot move with strength, dexterity and accuracy.

The best way to prevent injury, pain or trauma from an accident is to be in good skeletal alignment, which provides the balance and greater range of movement needed for any activity. When a quick movement is necessary to prevent an accident or a fall, you will be able to extend a movement farther than is needed.

This extra margin of flexibility is called the “factor of safety”, there to use if something unexpected throws you off balance. Injury from a fall may be lessened or not happen at all. This extra extension of movement can make the difference between catching yourself and avoiding a fall or tearing a tendon attachment, damaging muscles or ligaments or fracturing a bone.

A body centered in erect alignment allows you to use the right muscles in the right way, promote better balance and lessen the chance of accident or injury.

Diane Whitacre, Structural Anatomist, RT ©2017

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