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Body Alignment & Performance

Running a marathon, being an Olympic athlete or executing the winning home run will likely not happen with a body in misalignment. The wrong muscles will be used or the right muscles will be used in the wrong way. Executing the perfect golf swing is doubtful when the spine is bent, the shoulder girdle has more

Posture & Your Good Health

Good posture can turn heads and command gazes of admiration. Graceful movement, flexibility and vitality usually accompany it – along with better health.   When you see someone in erect body alignment, it can be stunning to see, because it is so rare. Their shoulders sit atop their rib cage, their spine is straighter and more

Love Handles, Chicken Necks & Potbellies

The classic indicators of body misalignment are love handles, chicken necks and potbellies – along with forward-sloping shoulders. Love handles are the extra mass of skin, tissue and fat encircling the body between the waistline and the hips, often referred to as a “spare tire”. Love handles relocate belt buckles to a lower position than more