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The Fetal-Infant Journey

The warmth and safety of a mother’s womb is the first awareness of life for a fetus, snugly held, floating in a sea of amniotic fluid. A mother’s heartbeat and the nourishment from her body feed its growth. This tiny being must make its way through the birth canal from the protective womb to the more

What Happened To Posture?

Because not everyone in the world suffers from poor posture, it begs the questions – “Why are bodies so out of alignment in a country with such wealth, resources and progress in technology and communication?” – “How did we get so out of shape?” Poor body alignment is so prevalent it is rarely noticed. Faulty more

Strong Bones Or Osteoporosis?

Bone loss is rare when bones are constantly used to support the weight of a body in erect alignment. Bones are weight bearing and bone density increases. Like muscles, bones strengthen when used and stimulate bone growth. Misaligned bones adapt to body imbalance, altering their growth patterns or do not grow when not weight bearing. more