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Helping Your Heart

Postural collapse compresses the rib cage, much like having an elephant sit on your chest. Well, maybe not like an elephant, but it does cause considerable and unnatural pressure on a heart requiring the right position and enough room to function properly. The shape and size of the rib cage decides the shape and size more

All Things Have Posture

All things with the ability to move – animals, plants, buildings, vehicles and the earth – adapt to their environment and outside forces, which change or modify their alignment. A seagull sets its wings for a glide in the sky and a bird dog points to guide the hunter to a downed prey. We pose more

Your Truthful Body

About 93 percent of communication is non-verbal, making your body your most important tool for expression – your communication beyond the spoken word. If you say nothing at all, you still communicate through the language of your body, its stance, gesture and movement. Some body talk is conscious and some unconscious. Some is purposeful, intentional more