Diane Whitacre
Structural Anatomist, RT


Structural Anatomy

Structural alignment of the human body is not a new idea in medicine. Prominent doctors at prestigious medical institutions in America were educated in, diagnosed and treated Faulty Body Mechanics. They knew postural collapse and abdominal compression caused physical problems, requiring physical and not chemical solutions.

Structural and positional causes of dysfunction and disease have been largely ignored. Today, body alignment is one of the most overlooked and underrated aspects of our health, performance and appearance.

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December 2017


Language Of The Body

The body has a physical vocabulary, which makes communicating our thoughts and feelings easier with our body than with words. Mimes are masters of body language. Silent movies relied on it to tell the story. Body movements and facial expressions played out the drama. Likewise, it can be revealing to turn off the sound and more

Pregnancy & Postural Collapse

Pregnancy brings four pronounced anatomical changes to a woman's body – postural collapse, abdominal compression, pelvic tilt and adding postural pounds. Nine months of increasing breast size and fetal development gradually moves disproportional weight to the front and behind the body’s midline, shifting the center of gravity and changing body alignment from head to toe. more

Better Balance & Less Injury

Faulty body mechanics always creates imbalance in the body, increasing our risk of falling, accidents and injury. Postural collapse shifts a greater amount of weight to the front of the body’s midline, while other parts move behind the body’s midline. This puts the body, precariously and dangerously, out of balance. We stand and move differently more

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