Diane Whitacre
Structural Anatomist, RT


Structural Anatomy

Structural alignment of the human body is not a new idea in medicine. Prominent doctors at prestigious medical institutions in America were educated in, diagnosed and treated Faulty Body Mechanics. They knew postural collapse and abdominal compression caused physical problems, requiring physical and not chemical solutions.

Structural and positional causes of dysfunction and disease have been largely ignored. Today, body alignment is one of the most overlooked and underrated aspects of our health, performance and appearance.

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August 2018


Wiggle When You Walk

Ever notice the smiles on belly dancers, Salsa partners and the girls in grass skirts? Dancers of all types, professional or not, enjoy a greater range of hip movement. Skiers, surfers and soccer players cannot be without it – hip mobility. The girl from Ipanima was a sight to see as she went strolling down more

The Body Plastic

Connective tissue in our body holds us together – covering every muscle, organ and bone and underlies every inch of skin covering our body. It is the one substance connecting all parts of our body to each other, inside and out. It supports, protects and binds us into a continuous, unbroken whole. A change of more

Body Alignment & Performance

Running a marathon, being an Olympic athlete or executing the winning home run will likely not happen with a body in misalignment. The wrong muscles will be used or the right muscles will be used in the wrong way. Executing the perfect golf swing is doubtful when the spine is bent, the shoulder girdle has more

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“You’re a great inspiration. My posture improved in the first week.”

“So much you taught is not what we’re told, but you have proven it all.”

“I loved your excitement. Excellent and new ideas!”

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“When you describe things, people can feel it. Participating physically gave us many ah-has!”

“You have reduced my body pain my at least 80%!!!! I have been trying various methods of relief and yours is the one that works! What you taught me has literally changed my life.”